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leftlogo_new.gif (2925 bytes) IPS is a full service mobile health testing lab service specializing in OSHO certified hearing audiogram tests and pulmontary function tests Mobile hearing test labs servicing Michigan, Ohio, Ontario Canada and Illinois factories Use our patented audiogram forms and mobile hearing test labs to meet all OSHA reporting requirements
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Take a Look at the IPS Service Movie and see how our Mobile Hearing Test Labs can benefit your company and employees.

Industrial Paramedical Services video outlines our Mobile Health Testing Labs.

Industrial Paramedical Services Inc. believes that a personalized hearing test system, with visual aid charting of results, has more advantages over the automated systems and complicated computer reports used by other services. See the IPS advantage in action by viewing this short movie presentation showing how our unique test record chart informs and educates your employees to understand their distinct hearing situation..... Click here to download or immediately view our IPS services Video in the FLASH movie format.

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Health and Safety at Work Regulations place an increasing responsibility on the employer to provide health surveillance for employees at risk. If carried out away from the workplace, this can cause considerable absences from work, inconvenience and excessive costs. Our Mobile Lab system requires minimal staging and waiting on the testing day as we can test 2 employees every 5 minutes through our Mobile Medical Testing lab soundproof booth. (approx. 25 per hour)

We provide this easily scheduled service, where required, at your facility, during working hours, with minimal disruption, in a professional manner, and at a competitive rate, in 5 Midwestern States. All hearing tests are performed in our custom-built mobile units parked on your site by highly skilled IPS technicians. Our visual presentation audiometric record chart transends language barriers and reinforces a real "fear of hearing loss" that motivates the employee to self-enforce the proper uses in wearing hearing protective devices.

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Industrial manufacturing facilities place their employees hearing on the line everyday without understanding or realizing the risk.. Even though OSHA requires yearly testing for all workers exposed to high dB noise levels, these workers may not fully understand the consequences of not wearing suitable hearing protection equipment at allIndustrial Paramedical Services Inc provide mobile hearing tests in Midwestern States times. This lack of knowledge increases the risk of future permanent noise-induced hearing loss claims against your company.

It is important to choose the right hearing testing service that goes above and beyond what OSHA requires. Companies need a proactive service like ours that performs the necessary tests, while offering a preventative approach to hearing loss. Industrial Paramedical Services has been providing their unique on-site hearing conservation program to over 800 companies in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky since 1975. Our copywritted 8 year audiogram test chart is designed to act as a simple visual aid, for easy layman comprehension, for driving home the importance of self-enforcement of using hearing protection devices. They can immediately see and understand their test results annual downward trend. This leads to continuing use of hearing protective devices like ear plugs and muffs, often in combination. See the other services we offer below.

IPS Pulmonary function tests are part of a complete respiratory protection program. IPS provides 3 other health screening services from our Mobile Labs including visual acuity, blood pressure and pulmonary tests with resulting records for your employee files. Call us at the number shown below and schedule a FREE on-site courtesy hearing test and Mobile Health Lab tour at your plant.

call us for a free hearing test visit by our IPS mobile lab

We have been serving hundred of Midwestern facilities since 1975.  Our clients include major manufactures in the utilities, food/beverage, petroleum, metal stamping, aero-space and all industrial manufacturing fields.

One of our main objectives is employee understanding of test results so that they will self-enforce appropriate health and safety protection.  Toward this objective, please note the unique design of our 8 year audiogram record.  By viewing page 4 folded back upon page 2, the test record becomes a substantial visual aid in educating your employee to how well he is protecting his hearing.

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